Everything Ahri (Cosplay)



Take this cute Corki dog cosplay picture as part of my apology. I feel that if I put a picture of a cute dog up I’ll be easier to forgive. Things have been up and down this holiday season and it’s killed me and my OCD ways of not being able to get a post up every single day, especially when my computer was wiped dry of everything I had saved. So now I’m re-searching the web for everything old and new I haven’t posted yet and plan to. I hope everyone had a good Christmas whether you celebrate it or not.

Emergency I won’t be home in time to do another post PONYS

I’ll wait to post this one, unless I don’t make it home until late, then I’ll do the wordpress app thing and post this sucker. Forgive me!

Cosplay-Style (Baby Bunny Teemo at the bottom my fave)