The Comic Party Never Ends!

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A lot of pictures and a little bitching

Girls should not be allowed to play this game. At least, I think there needs to be a separate server for dumb bitches who are playing support in ranked because ‘that’s all I can play’ for their boyfriends. Why are the two of you playing ranked? I hope the both of you aren’t fans of this blog because it’s embarrassing rofl. At the end of the game as it was gg I said “I’m going to show you how you play support” and I bought 10 wards (I would have bought so many more if I had thought to sell all my shit) and said “I would place these if it wasn’t gg). God. For those of you who are calling me a sexist man I’m actually on the vagina side, so shut up. Bitching complete.

Keep Calm and Get Nerfed

And keep your eyes open for tomorrow’s spotlight on Nhan Fiction’s epic character designs!

Champion Spotlight: Kiya, the Feline of Fervor

Summoners like Nhan-Fiction take everything you love about a game like LoL and amplify the magic. Nhan is the creative mind behind the support star ‘Kiya’, a distant cousin of Nasus.  (And several other character concepts).

Kiya is a Mage, Support, Ranged, Recommended. And a kitty.

Kiya (Blog Version).

Find more Kiya on LoL Wikia (link here)!

Take a look at the links provided to find everything from what Kiya will whisper to you as her Summoner in gameplay, dance mirror, to character statistics.

Kiya is by far the most developed, detailed and fantastical character concept designed by any non-Riot employee I’ve ever discovered. I’m honored that Nhan takes the time to both follow my blog and play with me in game.