A lot of pictures and a little bitching

Girls should not be allowed to play this game. At least, I think there needs to be a separate server for dumb bitches who are playing support in ranked because ‘that’s all I can play’ for their boyfriends. Why are the two of you playing ranked? I hope the both of you aren’t fans of this blog because it’s embarrassing rofl. At the end of the game as it was gg I said “I’m going to show you how you play support” and I bought 10 wards (I would have bought so many more if I had thought to sell all my shit) and said “I would place these if it wasn’t gg). God. For those of you who are calling me a sexist man I’m actually on the vagina side, so shut up. Bitching complete.


7 thoughts on “A lot of pictures and a little bitching

  1. As much as I like reading your posts, this one is stupid. I started because a friend got me into it, and ended up supporting because I got tired of the retarded adcs that don’t know how to last hit in solo queue. Nothing to do with my boyfriend being all “oh i need a support. you should play with me!”

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