Screenshots or it didn’t happen.

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The more I’ve picked up these new support champs and been practicing for the tournament, I’ve gotten a little prouder, and a lot nerdier.

A NOTE: In order to take a screenshot you press f12 apparently. My computer has never been good with screenshots and that’s why I’ve either never bothered, downloaded the free trial of a screen capture software or just taken pictures with a camera of the screen.

If you’re looking for a program on Windows go to the search, run bar and type in ‘Snipping Tool’. I like it…You’ll find the option to carve out/crop your own captured junk and you can save it wherever you want.

That being said, apparently the history is too long to still be able to see the game where I got 007 on Janna. Luckily my horrific-quality camera phone managed to snag that image for me, but I’ll spare you the blur. Anyways, now that I know the Snipping Tool trick, it should go a lot smoother from now on.

I’ve been screen shotting almost every game as they’ve all been so sick. I don’t know if it’s my new fire to destroy people, my overly sensitive nature right now making me rage on people on the internet…or if I’m just a really well-rounded support by this point in my LoL gaming history. /ignore all has been very helpful. I use it more than not these days as even my own teammates complaining about each other or telling me what to do, I start to smolder.

And speaking of sensitivity. I’ve begun to /ignore all as soon as someone says something REMOTELY annoying. Like my very last game. I tell the team as we just hit the map that I guess I’ll go tank for this game (as we had 3 ranged AD, no tank, no healer etc.) and the Caytlin says “we know”. Then I said “I normally go full support. But I’ll go tank this game. Oh and I’m putting everyone on ignore now.” And that was that. Then I loved that game! It’s not like I need some ******* telling me where to go on a ping. I think I can look at my mini map to see whose MIA unlike maybe 98% of North American League of Legends players, and I can tell where to go based off of my teams chemistry or lack thereof.

Another example of sensitivity is when I posted my 3rd Leona games stats on my team leaders facebook wall and I was giddy about how well I was doing with her having JUST picked her up yesterday. All of my games I had been DESTROYING things. My harshest critic was impressed when we laned Pantheon/Leona, and I took a screenshot for S&G. Then this chick that I’m vaguely acquainted with comments on it asking basically if I was against a noob team because sometimes we all get like so lucky! What kind of dick thing is that to say to someone? It completely implies that you could have just had a lucky game and really suck in all actuality. I don’t know if that’s her case or not but it makes me highly turned off from even remotely conversing with her ever again. I was only interested in the reaction/high-five of a single person. Next time I’ll go out of my way to get his e-mail and send it there so no one else can make a comment. GOD. I’ve been easily irritated for the past two or three weeks, but this week particularly I suppose. Don’t be rude to anyone in your in-groups unless you have some reason to.

On a brighter note, here have been some scores with the new champions I’ve been picking up this week. Branching out in your field of expertise is always fun.

Also, I played with my most frequently supportive blog follower and had fun! Minus I was afraid to disappoint and his friend was particularly picky about how he wanted me to play haha. I even said I was playing FAR less aggressive than I normally do on Janna, and ended up feeling really crappy. But, I look forward to playing with him again, and if any of you would like to play, just let me know! Summoner names: Dat Lellybelly, Lellybelly.


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