Showing a little Skin.

There’s 2 aspects to todays blog post and I’ll sum em’ up for you now.

I was invited to a team that’s playing in a League of Legends tournament in the area sponsored by Riot. Here’s the link to our first match set up. I’m on Team Ignite Network. The community base itself has been around for a couple of months now so even though plenty of us have never met, we’ve still got a sense of personality. There are about 80 or 90 people involved on different teams and I’m proud to be in the support role for my team. A bunch of people aren’t even playing in the tournament and are still part of the LoL Chicago community! If you’re from the area, leave a comment and I’ll let you know how you can get involved in League of Legends Chicago.

Support never goes negative. You have to be positive to play support. And I picked upΒ  practicing with Janna and Alistar today fiercely because of it. The other champion our team leader wants me to get used to is Leona. I’ve never played her, which makes me a little nervous, but I’m happy to work on it. I’ve got a notebook at home with 13 champion support guides I’ve put together myself. To have on hand and all of that just in case I get brain-dead or stressed I suppose. They’d all be fun to put on eventually too.

I want the ability to have a range of characters that I can play well in case they ban my precious Sona. I’ve got a high reputation for saving asses.

Since I’m overly excited for the team and totally want us all to get matching Threadless tee’s…(as soon as we beat at least one other team LOL!) I’d like to share some threads (waka waka) of my toons’ own, both support and otherwise. If you don’t see a skin, I don’t have one. But the champion is still up so that you can see it’s one in my bank of options.

When I got Galio, it was when he was first released and I went on a mad playing streak with him. I may dust him off for the tournament, but probably not spend 10 dollars for this skin, which I just want to say I’d totally get if I had endless amounts of green. Oh Riot, you silly. Making awesome skins for champions people barely play. And horrific ones for common characters…

No Vlad skin is as fabulous as Nosferatu. Shame all around for not getting it.

What compelled me to buy this skin I do not understand. What compelled me to play this champion I do not understand either.

I waited…and waited…and then missed the holiday skins…and waited some more, for a good Sona skin. I caved and got Pentakill even though I didn’t think she was that special. I’m pleased with my skins, but wish Riot would make something super awesome for THIS champion.

Now I don’t YET have a Janna skin but these are the two I’m torn between. Most likely I’m going to grab one before the tournament. Feel free to spectate guys!!

I should have spent the extra 5 and gotten pink.

My second skin ever I believe!

When it comes down to it, Ori is support mainly. It might be fun to give her a go again.

THIS friends, is my very first skin, and my boyfriend had bought it for me. I was elated.

Tune in for tournament updates. I want you to be as excited as I am!


14 thoughts on “Showing a little Skin.

    • I will totally! Though I hope I don’t freak out with stress playing with you and then you think I’m awful LOL! I get anxious!! I’m Dat Lellybelly for my alt account (which is what I use if I’m banned or smurfing) and Lellybelly is the main!

  1. Good luck in the tourny! I’m hoping that can get good enough perhaps for next year.

    I have the greek goddess styled Sona skin…I love greek mythology and mostly just wanted to tell Riot I want more like that XD

  2. Hi there! My ign is LeoncioDashnae and my girlfriend and I just moved to Evanston. I’ve been trying to find people in the area to game with and am an avid LoL player (she’s still learning, but is able to play far more than I am).

    I’ve never really reached out to communities but I would like to meet people in the area and figure LoL is a great way! Your blog popped up in a good search and I was wondering, would you mind playing a few games with us? Or at least point us toward a website where these Chicago League players meet? We don’t promise to be good, just promise to be human.

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