League Life World Problems – Volume 1

When playing Sona when no one realizes how much I actually save their asses:


When they DO notice:

When men are surprised that an actual girl is doing well in LoL:

And they’re like:

Miss Fortune Player IRL Expectation:



Running to the bathroom while the game loads

Enough IP for the new champion on patch day

After playing a LAN game you face the rest of your team for feeding.

Any man looking at a female character

Shopping after not having backed in a while.

If we lose:

If we win:


The Nunu wants me to tower dive for first blood.

Then tells me:

Should have taken Ghost.

When someone asks me why I prefer to play LoL at home rather than at Ignite

What I think when another girl announces that they’re a girl in a game.

When I’m standing next to the tank and I’m convinced he’s tabbed out


I think I’ll play Eve.

When someone is watching me play

Playing LoL between classes.

Movement speed runes



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